Additional Resources

Incredible information is easy to come by.

Native Plants

Native Plant Finder: Specify your Location and get results specific to your area.

Medicinal Plants We Carry: Download a list of the medicinal plants sold at GGPN.


Aldo Leopold

Book : “A Sand County Almanac”

Heather Holmes

Books: “Bees -An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide” 

              “Pollinators of Native Plants”

              “Wasps” (New)

The website is incredible and has downloadable plant lists for bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, and skippers. She has garden plans for rain gardens, pollinator gardens, and how to create bee habitats.  She has posters identifying different bee species. This website has it all! She often keynotes conferences in Michigan, and she will be at the virtual Wildflowers Association of Michigan conference this March 2021. Follow on Facebook.

Doug Talamy

Books: “Bring Nature Home”

              “The Living Landscape”

               “Natures Best Hope”

               “The Nature of Oaks “(New)

This website contains “We can Do this !”  How to change your relationship to insects and plants, how to get started, what insects and what plants.  The website contains videos, articles, and encouragement to change your lawn into a garden for wildlife.

Larry Weiner

Book: “Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change”

Mr. Weiner developed New Directions in the American Landscape a conference and workshop series dedicated to advancing the art and science of natural landscape.

National Organizations with Local Chapters

 Wild Ones :  A recognized voice for native plants and the sustainable landscaping movement promoting increased use of native plantings that create living landscapes. They have several local chapters in Michigan and access to  a vast number of resources.  Follow them on Facebook.


Audubon Society Is a nation organization with local chapters.  The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need.  Under the Native Plant tab, typing in your zip codes with connects you with local plant species and the birds they support. Follow the on Facebook and Instagram.


Michigan Conservation Stewards Program is an education volunteer program for adults interested in current conservation and natural resource management issues. Follow them on Facebook.


There are several Facebook Groups which provide information about Native Gardening.   Often, they have links to free or low-cost webinars or videos.

 Gardening for Pollinator and Wildlife Conservation

Restoring Ecosystems with Native Plants

Michigan Pollinators and Native Plants

Pollinators on Native Plants

Pollinator Conservation Association

North American Native Bees

Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars in  Michigan

Michigan Botanical Club

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