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G0 Grow Plant Natives, LLC

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Go Grow Plant Natives is a home based licensed nursery which grows native Michigan plants, trees and shrubs.  We
believe  the benefits of planting native for the living environments is so important that our mission is to provide native
Michigan plants to the public as easily as possible.  We will work with you, so you get the product and the look you
desire. If you have a planting plan we can help you install .   

​The majority of our plants are grown on site from seed.  The plants are transferred to outside green houses and 
moved outdoors as soon as they are viable. This insures the plant you purchase is ready to plant outside and will 
not be shocked when exposed to outside weather conditions.  

Michigan Native Plants 

Native plants support and provide habitat for out native wildlife.  When native plants are matched for the right
environmental condition, they rarely require fertilizing, watering, or pesticide use once they are established. Many
native plants are excellent attractors of pollinators and beneficial insects including butterflies, moths, and native bees.
Native plants are also gorgeous...
The definition of “Native “is, the genotype of this plant existed at a time before the settlers came to
Michigan. This is accomplished by gathering seeds in wild areas that have not been developed or from
plants already determined to be from a native source . GO Grow Plant Natives also purchases seed or plant plugs
from Native Michigan plant seed producers or nurseries. At times, Michigan Native seeds are not available for a
plant species that is native to Michigan.  In these instances, the plant will be identified as a species native to
Michigan, but the seed source is from a neighboring state such as northern Ohio, Indiana or within the Great Lakes


Our inventory is also changing on a weekly basis as more plants grow and become ready for sale. Since most of our
inventory is germinated on site from seed it is important the plant we sell is of sufficient size to insure its vitality in
your garden.  Is there a native plant that you don’t see on our website, but it is a must have to complete your garden?
…. Let me know, I may have a source that can offer it to you.